1. Don’t show off: No one likes to feel inferior. If you are always rubbing your intelligence in people’s faces, they’ll start avoiding you. Many within agriculture are working behind the scenes with little to no recognition of their contribution to the industry. We’re here to create awareness for those building the industry. 
  2. Accept people as they are: Don’t try to change people or speak against their most cherished beliefs. It really makes them uncomfortable. The industry of agriculture is as old as Australia as a traditional industry it does take longer to access new markets or to get adoption on a new product or service. You can’t beat an industry so work out how you can adapt your products or services for the industry. 
  1. Show that you accept the general norm: Most people usually like to show how morally superior or different they are in their workplace. This usually leads to alienation, which is not good in agriculture. A big thing in agriculture is “tall poppy syndrome”, well there is a stigma with this when an individual can really be moving the dial can be seen as beating the drum too much. Get around them and support their cause and you can also raise the bar for your own business. 
  1. Make people feel important: Ask for advice from others, listen to them when they speak. They’ll love you for it. The agriculture industry loves to feel loved! By showing appreciation for their work and contribution to research or data transfer you’ll be able to form formidable relationships. 
  1. Be observant: Know your work environment, observe those you work with. By knowing what is going on within your own business and the wider industry you’ll be able to find out what works for you, either as a farmer or business working within the agricultural supply chain. 
  1. Call people by their name: Everyone likes the sound of their names. It’s like music to our ears and makes the relationship that much better. 
  1. Be kind to people: This is the beginning of every conversation you have. Everyone loves to receive good treatment from others and it goes a long way when working within Australian agriculture. 
  1. Don’t judge people before you know them: avoid using someone else’s opinion to evaluate people. It makes it harder for you to really know them. 
  1. Respect yourself: Respect is everything. If you don’t respect yourself, no one will. Let people know their boundaries when dealing with you. Respect roles straight into confidence. Make sure you have the confidence to drive your business or brand to the next level, confidence can win the room over when it comes down to the last straws. 
  1. Dress well. Always. A lot depends on how you look! Go into the meeting dressed for the occasion always know what the expectations are. If you are in regional Australia a more casual approach is widely accepted to start a great relationship from the get-go. 

Have you used these previously or have another go-to that helps you put yourself in a professional state of mind. To raise your own profile as an individual you’ll need to create consistency throughout the different channels that you work with.