Let’s put 2021 behind us as we all know that we look towards building 2022 into a mammoth year of producing A+ content and providing value for our clients both new and current. In terms of creative minds and activating marketing campaigns, the agricultural/agribusiness industry is far behind the other industries in terms of innovation and just general use of marketing elements for their customer acquisitions. 

What we can thank 2020 for is that it has surely sped up the process of learning new ways to market and digitize as an agribusiness. There are some strong startups within the agricultural space coming up and proving their worth which is really exciting to see as to provide new products and services but also to compete with the “big dogs” of the industry. We love providing the tools and know-how to these younger startups which may not have the room for a marketing department yet but are wanting to outsource their marketing. 

In 2022 we believe that agriculture is truly going digital. With very few not utilizing the internet throughout the workday to be able to complete tasks, it has allowed companies to easily communicate and promote products in a personable way. The agricultural industry is traditional in its approach as we need to be when providing information. By keeping a transparent image for your agribusiness, agtech company you will be able to hit your goals in terms of client acquisition as the farmers know what they’re expecting. 

Read Word of Mouth Marketing in Agriculture 

What to look out for in your marketing in 2022: 

  1. Personalization: Drumming down of marketing materials into different segments. Not just from different sectors but how a customer has interacted with you. Are they a cold or warm lead? As both of these would respond very differently to each other you would risk losing both as a paying customer if you went for a general “throw it and hope it sticks” attitude. 
  1. Video marketing: Video is the leading media material online without a doubt. In the form of a video, gif, 360-degree capture. By filming content you’re able to let your potential customers see how products work or who is behind the products that get them working. 
  1. Influencer Marketing: It’s retail’s biggest pull for customers! You would have heard of the Kardashians and how they’re working with brands to sell through Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, and whatever social media they get their hands on. This is an exciting and yet to be explored part of agriculture in Australia I believe. AYE Digital will have a talent pool that will be ready to use for PR, product activations, events, and external communications for agribusinesses wanting to connect to an audience. Please sign-up here as a brand or talent. 
  1. Social Media Advertising: It’s the quickest way to get your brand out there and to increase product subscriptions. With the right strategy in place on the best fit platforms for your product, you’ll be able to shoot for the moon! BUTTTT, before you get to the moon you have a lot of testing to do, like I mean a lot! Every agribusiness is different so you won’t be able to follow a template from some ‘guru’ to sell more. It takes time and money. Depending on which you have more, will determine your strategy. ALWAYS start small and grow into your shoes. 

That’s my 2 cents for the year coming ahead. Jump in headfirst and smash your goals! We look to provide Australian agribusinesses the knowledge they need to acquire new customers whilst building a community around their brand. Contact us at hello@advertyoureyes.com to find out more about our work.