We’re lovers of podcasts and the platform that it can provide for the wider community. We have been producing and marketing podcasts since 2020 and have loved the journey thus far. Through the power of learning on the go it is truely one of the best mediums to be a part of in 2022. With the time that it takes to produce and distribute it can be a much better option to jump on other podcasts out there.

Our Podcasts Include:

Farms Advice Agribusiness Podcast

Farms Advice Podcast

A podcast with our director Jack Cresswell. As he has been in and around agriculture and the family farm all of his life he saw the power in sharing the knowledge to the masses across agriculture within Australia. What grew from a friends Facebook group has now shined in the “business” category with our highest of 34th in 2021. Sharing the stories of leaders, innovators and everyone in between that would have 3 takeaways for listeners to implement on their own farm.

It boasts 7,500 monthly listeners from across Australia 94% and globally 6%. The weekly formate gives “farmers” across Australia consistency and creates a point of reference.

Agribusiness Marketing Podcast

agribusiness marketing podcast

This is a short and sweet podcast where those working in regional Australia or within an agribusiness can refer to when looking for tips and tricks on growth hacking their way to the top… of Google pages. It fills a gap where there are little too few marketing podcasts within Australia in general but to support a more traditional industry of Australian agriculture transition online and to start utilising digital channels.

If you’re interested in partnering with Farms Advice Podcast or Agribusiness Marketing please email podcasts@advertyoureyes.com.