How to get your Twitter popping by creating hyper for your Twitter account. Are you a regionally based company that is new to Twitter or has stalled on the account for 5 years? Now is the time to get it working for your business. It isn’t just posting about “how good is our product” anymore. It’s time to read through these tips and tricks to see how you can grow your audience with Twitter. It’s a FREE tool so don’t waste it. 

16 Tips To Grow YOUR Twitter Account 

Quick tips: Teach people something new in a tweet. Keep it short and shareable. Give them that “uh-huh” moment once they’ve read about it. It can be something interesting from your company or industry. Get creative and dive into figures and stats! 

  • 3 things you can do with a bottle opener on farm 
  • Track your sheep highways with this 

Threads: People don’t click on links as they want to stay on the platform. If you’ve got a story worth sharing write a thread about it.  

Memes: Using memes can get your message across in a subtle way with humour and using pop culture to bust through the engagement ceiling. 

Quick Reaction Tweets: Each day a new story consumers Twitter. Think fast and you can go viral for the right reasons. 

  • State-wide power out? If you’re a light bulb company you can capture this. Find a way to relate your brand to the story. 

Build-in public: If you’re a startup it’s great to see that you’re building as your client or customers will love to work with a company that is seeing success. 

Brand Beef: People love drama and especially on Twitter. Telstra bragging about their new 5G phone is boring. but when they roast another brand like Optus it’s hilarious. 

Casual Content: Don’t overcomplicate it. Most people just want some light entertainment. 

Replies: Make a list of a few people in your niche. Turn on notifications. Comment something witty or thought-provoking. 

Questions: Get to know your customers whilst building a sense of community. 

Reply to this tweet and we’ll: Turn casual followers into brand advocates. 

Live Tweeting: Your audience watches a cult show. That shows trends every week. You live-tweet each episode! 

Transparency: Twitter loves transparency. Talk openly about your product and you’ll sell more of your product.  

Giveaways: Grow your follower count. build brand awareness 

Celebrate customers: Making customers look good makes your look good. It’s marketing without marketing. 

Share your product: You’re allowed to share your product. Just don’t make it look like an ad. 

Consistency: Consistency is how you imprint yourself. Your followers should recognise you without looking at the icon. No better example than no name. Consistent tone, aesthetics, and message.  

Don’t let this article go to waste and forget what we said. Implement one right now so you can test it for yourself. It’s all about testing it out these days and seeing what works for your audience and then you’ll know if they love cute dog photos or rugged horses. Contact the team at Advert Your Eyes Digital for help on execution and implementation.