Looking to STAND OUT from the rest! Then this is the article for you. For quite some time now influencer platforms have been a huge part of the marketing strategy for businesses looking for new ways to grow globally and domestically. It’s now 2021 and it’s time to take the bull by two horns and promote yourself as a brand or influencer. In this case, they’re agvocates and influencers. 

In the last two years, we have had a nose to the ground to find out what the industry wants, what it needs, but also what it would benefit from. From our discovery, we had noticed that there is a huge gap between those looking to garner further exposure (brands) and those looking to collaborate to improve personal branding (influencers). Over the past few years, there has been negativity around the word “influencer” and that if they’re worth it and truthful in what they advertise. Of course in every sector, you can come across those that look to benefit from another person’s platform in order to sell but that’s where Advert Your Eyes comes into it. We ONLY work with agricultural and regional-based brands that can see the benefits of using an agricultural talent pool to create brand exposure. 

 Who is the influencer platform for? 

The platform is designed to improve the way agricultural and regional businesses access brand exposure. We’re connecting the industry and creating greater awareness past the reach of the agricultural or regional business. It’s difficult to get that edge but it’s achievable with the AYE talent platform.  

Influencers working on campaign brief 

Influencers: If you’re an influencer or someone with authority within your sector or niche market then you’re suitable for the platform. We’re looking for those profiles who are willing to be transparent in the way they engage and interact with their existing audience. Building an Instagram account these days really doesn’t cut the butter anymore. You need to be engaging with your audience by asking and answering questions others may have. Join as an influencer 

Create Brand Exposure with AYE Talent 

Brands: The world is your oyster. You know your business inside and out and if you’re reading this you’re most likely looking for new ways to grow your business. The platform is for you to work with influencers that align with your brand and specific campaign. There some profiles that will be a great fit but 70% of them won’t be what you’re looking for. Join as a brand 

Campaign process from start to finish 

  1. Create brief and submit to AYE Talent team 
  1. Select from AYE Talent pool 
  1. Talent Approval (Start/End Date) 
  1. Brief approval/changes 
  1. On-Location with AYE Talent 
  1. Campaign Completed 

The platform is built on two principles, Authenticity and Transparency. We’re building a better future for our industry and the next generations. We’re so excited to have started this for the industry and to create a positive and vibrant appeal for those that are outside of the regional and rural areas. Let’s get creative for agricultural and regional businesses!! 

Please contact isabel@advertyoureyes.com for further information.