By now you probably want to know the difference between a boosted Facebook Advert and the Facebook Ad Manager account. Before you start any sort of advertising you need to establish the goals and objectives that you want to achieve. Best of using the goals you want from Facebook advertising you’ll establish whether you should boost your head or use Facebook ads manager. Below we have summarised the differences so that you can make your own judgment to improve the way your company uses the Facebook advertising platform. 

Facebook Boosted Advert 

Facebook Boosted advert approach is the simplest and easiest approach you will have for your business. It simply works off your Facebook company page allows you to promote a piece of content that you have previously added onto your page. It has less customisation available to use and is a quick way to promote your post. Before you look at boosting this content on your Facebook page you should look at where has enough engagement, a call-to-action (CTA) so that the customer knows what to do next, and if the information is relevant to business goals. 

Three things you will need to know before boosting a post:

  1. Who you want to reach: you’ll pick a target audience of the type of people you want to connect with. Make sure you have your audience in mind before establishing your advert. 
  1. Your max budget: you’ll tell us exactly how much you want to spend over the course of your entire campaign. Your budget to this it, the most important element. As Facebook wants to make it a lot easier for you to spend your advertising money on the platform, You need to be careful at the suggested budget for your vested and 
  1. How long you want to run your ad: once you click Boost and your ad is approved, people in your target audience will see your ad in their News Feed for the duration you’ve set. Depending on your target marketThe duration of your advert should changeWith the way your audience reacts. As we work within regional Australia is important that we are able to capture wider markets as we simply do not have the numbers of those living within the city. 

How to use Facebook Ads Manager 

When you boost your ads on Facebook, you are going for a more blanket approach. What it can do for your business, Is that it can target your customers based on geographical locations. If you simply just want to sell your product or get your name out there then $5-$10 dollars each day boosting your advert is what you can do. During my time in running Facebook adverts, I have actually never received a conversion from boosting a Facebook advert. I only received conversions on Facebook Ads Manager. 

Now when operating a business, this is probably actually the most important element that you want to receive when you are running targeted Facebook adverts. As you talk about the different steps targeting your audience through creating funnels, with the top, middle and bottom funnels. You’re able to take your audience on a journey through your business. This can only be done within the Facebook ads manager. 

Six elements you need to think about for Facebook Advertising

  1. Planning 
  2. Budgeting 
  3. Designing/Copywriting 
  4. Scheduling 
  5. Monitoring 
  6. Analysing 

As someone starting out on Facebook Ads Manager for the first time it can be a quite steep learning curve. Knowing how to set up your adverts or even getting your Facebook pixel loaded onto your website to allow retargeting of those you visit your website it can be quite difficult.  

Advert your eyes digital was established to help a good business overcome the steep learning curve in order to help grow and promote/agribusinesses. As we operate in the traditional industry Is important to help those on the journey to learn more about the product that they’re using. 

How to get Australian agriculture to $100 Billion 

This Australian agricultural industry Is looking to become a $100 billion industry by 2050. Tell agribusinesses to get to where they want to be will be supporting them online to social media management, advertised and content marketing-driven to support their products and services 

If you’re looking with your social media strategy 2020 reach Reach out and see how we can help you grow your product and services across Australia and maybe even global.

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