Ways to Advertise On Facebook 

Starting our Facebook advertising is really good to start your online marketing strategy. But, without knowing which type of that don’t you should do to your agribusiness` Or regional business. It can be a really steep learning curve for small and large businesses that have not placed Facebook advertisements before. Here I will go through to show you very simply what each different ad will give you as a company.  

The first step to creating a Facebook advert is that you need to choose your campaign objective. But firstly establishing this with your colleagues and your managers you should only have a fair idea of what you want to achieve with your ads. You’ve probably heard people going on about creating these Facebook funnels And how you have to take the customer through the journey of educating themselves on your business. Working with agricultural-based businesses it’s really important to get your story in educating farmers and the potential users of these applications each day. This is where you will see the options of: 

  • awareness 
  • consideration 
  • conversions  

How to create awareness for your agribusiness 

Awareness objectives that objectives help generate interest in your product or service for those that may not have heard about your business. The first part of the Facebook marketing funnels you take the visitors on a journey through your business via the Facebook ads platform. 

  • Brand awareness: Brand awareness as a Facebook ad is great to build your business and is brilliant by getting the word out there establishing a following and reaching more people. If you’re looking to introduce your business to a new audience this is a great option. That’s because these ads will be shared with the target audience who are most likely to pay attention to recall the ads. From the image, video, and carousel options on Facebook and Instagram brand awareness ads are very versatile and should be attention-grabbing. Make sure to make it relevant to the target audience, to increase the likelihood of them recalling your ads.  
  • Reach: The advertising objective of reach will show your ad to the maximum number of people in your target audience across the different platforms owned by Facebook, including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. The reach of your Facebook ad is defined by your budget limitations. Reach adverts can maximise the number of those that see your ads but they will also include attempting to reach those who would typically ignore your advert. Check your company is a colourful basedIt could be showing your advert to those in the city that would have no use for the agtech, tyres, livestock gear or cropping equipment. 

How to Use Consideration Ads for Your Agribusiness 

Facebook consideration objectives encourage audiences to think you know more about your business. Generally the second part of the Facebook marketing funnels 

  • Traffic: The traffic objective aims to send people from Facebook to any URL of your choosing. This could be your website homepage, storefront, product pages, app, or event signup page. Facebook shows your adverts to users who are most likely to click based on their past behaviour on the platform. By directing Facebook traffic to your URL’s you will be increasing the likelihood of the user taking action on your landing page. Note* That Facebook is only responsible for collecting and driving the number of clicks and does not measure any actions or lack of action a user takes once they leave the Facebook battle. 
  • Engagement: Like reading an engagement the platform will show the adverts to those in a predictable most likely to engage with your ads informs of likes, reactions, comments, and shares. This would drive engagement to your post and also your Facebook business page. If you are running an event increase attendance if you get people excited but driving an engagement post. this can give you some really good clout amongst those looking to buy, by ticking them over the edge towards your products or services as they witness others are interested too. For example, would you spend more time considering an ad with 400 likes or an ad with four, I’ll take the former, please!!! 
  • App Installs: This objective helps drive mobile app installers taking uses directly to the App Store for Apple or Google played the android. This can be really handy for ad tech companies with apps available on smartphones for farmers to use on the go. Facebook would show these ads to members of your target audience who had previously downloaded apps from ads to increase the chances of app installation. Always choose app installs adds to increase you’re at downloads to your agribusiness.  
  • Video Views: Facebook will push video adsTo your toe audience with the objective of getting as many views as possible these ads can be a powerful way to tell your friend story showcase individual products and services engaging in a consumable format. If you have a video for your agribusiness I highly recommend running this up to maximise the number of people that see your Facebook page. Video content tends to convert a lot more than standard text image ads. Note* A great way to retarget those who have viewed your video is to send this standard image rabbit called action advert to Those who have watched 75% of your advert. 
  • Lead Generation: Lead generation ads are a great way to obtain your visitor’s information.Those that put their information into the form more than likely to convert as they are the ones seeking the product information. The lead generation ads are very powerful the user does not have to leave the Facebook platform in order to take advantage of the ad. Note* Just this at to collect leads to business an enticing offer. This works best when the user is already in the consideration stage of the buyer’s journey And they’re willing to exchange their information for something of value in return.  
  • Messages: The message objective allows viewers to directly message your business through the ad using the back end of Facebook messenger. This is an effective way to personally connect with users to generate interest in your business quickly. Connecting directly to your audience in a personal matter as opposed to talking at them with the content posts. Note* If you use this ad format you will need to be able to quickly and effectively respond once the messages flow in. To not lose your customer you should respond to them a maximum of one hour after they’ve sent a message.  

Using Conversion Facebook Ads for Agribusiness 

  • Conversions: The goal of conversion ads is to encourage people to take And action on your website or app. This could be registered for an event, adding an item to the shopping cart, making a purchase, or even downloading an e-book. These ads the most successful when you’re delivering with your product. This would mean that they have gone through the awareness and consideration stages and need an extra push towards conversion. By installing the Facebook pixel on your website you will help Facebook to optimise your campaigns. The pixel is a piece of code for your site tracks it’s time to use it as action converts if it’s about this is conversion Facebook learns who to toe adds to maximise this conversion. Note* Choose this had to increase versions that conversion actions on your website or app. These ads should be said to those who are already knowledgeable about your agribusiness. 
  • Catalog Sales: Catalogue sales and is made with listed view of e-commerce stores in mind. If you’re not an e-commerce store this does not apply to you. Instead of promoting a single product or service with this objective, it will show products from your store to the people who most likely demonstrated interest in them before. These ads require your product catalogue to be integrated with Facebook that that’ll pull up a selection from your online store and adjusted as it’s needed for audience members based on the different factors such as the latest arrivals. Note* Choose this ad if you would prefer Facebook to think which products best suit your relevant audience, based on machine learning predictions.  
  • Store Traffic: Store traffic objectives are great for companies with physical locations as the goal is to move the digital barrier and bring in higher amounts of foot traffic to your store. And delivered to people who are physically near store, as they’re more likely to visit. The advert only targets based on location as you are not the other target, which takes out the demographics element out for this. Note* Choose this ad if your business has brick and mortar locations and you want to increase your foot traffic.  

Contact AYE Digital for your Facebook Ads 

Facebook ads are a great platform for agricultural based companies. If you’re an agtech company looking to grow your users or want to sell more tyres throughout harvest. If you know which advert will work for your product or timing it will go a long way in improving your companies revenue. Facebook ads are a steep learning curve, and I get that from first experience before I jumped in the deep end a few years ago. If you’re looking to start or are in the middle of your Facebook Ads journey please contact Jack via email.